The October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music

October 1-31, 2019


Jim Sauter / Kid Millions Duo

Sunday, October 8, 1pm


Jim Sauter, saxophone
John Colpitts (Kid Millions), drums

Jim Sauter and Kid Millions performing live. Image by Peter Gannushkin.

Drummer Kid Millions and saxophonist Jim Sauter vaporize the annals of rock ‘n’ roll n’ jazz into pulsating feedback/propulsion.  They explore massively hypnotic tonal harmonics and torrential rhythms. This is hardcore abstraction from two New York sherpas yanking us headlong into a third-eye odyssey, surpassing altitudes merely attempted by others. Kid is founding member of Oneida and the ace behind the percussion-focused Man Forever. Sauter is synonymous with the 35-year juggernaut Borbetomagus — pioneers of sound/jazz vivisection and inexorable vision. Since 2012 these two pushed forth this magnificent grandeur, merging physical power/sweat and sculpted electricity/stretched skins. While both are known for feats of extreme artistic endurance, as a duo they opt for ferocious concentration — a savage pop-style of density and texture.