The October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music

October 1-31, 2019


Mike Lorenz Trio performing the music of Sonny Sharrock

Saturday, October 7, 10:30pm

La Peg

Mike Lorenz, guitar
James Collins, organ
Kevin Ripley, drums

Pharaoh Sanders and Sonny Sharrock

Bethlehem-based guitarist Mike Lorenz has a sound that “is omnipresent whether in the studio or a live setting, that this sound is innate to him and not to the whims of a one-time improvisation or studio manipulation.” (Bird is the Worm) is guitarist/composer/bandleader from Bethlehem, PA. He likes to play original music as well as tackle the music of some of his heroes. For 5 years, Mike has led the “in-house jazz band” at Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, PA. Recently released albums include I Am Watching My Day Slowly Disappear and Mike Lorenz & Friendz; a set of Black Sabbath and Nirvana covers arranged for jazz trio. In the near or perhaps distant future Mike plans to release a new album of original material, a collaborative record with Tired Hands and drummer Dave Witte, and a set of Sonny Sharrock covers performed by a rotating cast of his friends.