The October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music

October 1-31, 2019


Zeena Parkins / Brian Chase Duo

Saturday, October 7, 3:30pm


Zeena Parkins, harp
Brian Chase, drums

(Left) Zeena Parkins for Phantom Orchard, Image by Dawid Laskowski. (Right) Brian Chase at SXSW, Image courtesy of The Trap Set with Joe Wong.

Harpist Zeena Parkins and drummer Brian Chase share a focused intensity and immediate physicality which serve to ignite radiant sparks of spontaneous music-making. Their backgrounds cover an impressive range as each have worked extensively within experimental music, art, and dance contexts as well as in the rock world РParkins with Björk and Chase with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Рand this diversity is apparent in their music. Both have pioneered new approaches to their respective instruments and bring an attitude of innovation and discovery to their collective creative process. As a duo, their music crafts hyper-vivid portraits-in-sound which integrate the detail and subtlety of classical composition with the energy and urgency of improvisation.